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Richard Schmidt
Spring - 2007

The studio was given the opportunity to define our final project. We were responsible for all program, design, and presentation requirements.
We decided on an open ended learning center that would consist of three buildings.

I decided to employ the principles I had recently learnt in my sustainable environments courses. I also wanted to generate a sensible need for action. I created an architecturally active theatre whose environment corresponds to that of the global warming film it would show. The theatre naturally heats in the sun to an uncomfortable level following the film’s planet. Conversely a library with water-filled trombe-wall seats provides comfort for those studying. I employed passive and active systems throughout the center. The compound includes a theatre, library, a class room, a lecture hall, a faculty lounge, a kitchen, restroom and dining facilities.

Research - Library

Photovoltaic Roof
and Clearstory

is encouraged

Reclaiming heat in the
kitchen for preheating
hot water.

Trombe Wall - Bench