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Space From Verbs

Themes & Variations I-IV
Whitney Moon
Winter - 2007

Each day we were given a new pair of verbs. We had to, within an hour, build a model of a space that embodied and encouraged those verbs. The words were: Pace & Place, Sit & Hide, Stand & Observe, and Lay & Ponder. For the last set we also needed to negate a sense.

For Pace & Place I wanted to pace in both the horizontal and vertical planes. To accomplish this I created a subtracted ladder. To sit and hide I wanted the occupant to watch the user of the Pace & Place space. With Stand & Observe I provided a space to be intrigued by and observe, without directly seeing, the Pace & Place occupant The design became split into two distinct sections - Observer and Observed. When it came to negating a sense I decided that touch would be most difficult. I made a pool of warm water in a chamber of echoes and incense to float in.