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Sustainable Environments
Minor & LEED

The Sustainable Environments Minor focuses on developing awareness of the problems facing our society, both local and global, on the fronts of sustainable economy, ecology, and sociology. While predominantly focused on the ecological aspects of sustainability, it instills a great sense of the breadth of issues within the sustainable movement.

It strives to provide an understanding of current efforts to mitigate the threat and how to develop a sustainable future.

I learned about a wide range of energy solutions, planning methods, cradle-to-cradle concepts and the political/economical hurdles to seemingly good ideas.

I took part in two group projects:
One project aimed to integrate sustainability into an existing educational system. During this project we created lesson-plans, posters and a children’s book that taught existing lessons with an underlying sustainable theme. We were also able to teach a science and a math lesson to third graders in a local elementary school.
The second group project designed and built a landscape for the local Women’s Shelter. We created an Edible-Plants-Garden and a Local-and-Adaptive-Plants-Area with help of some of the residents.

In my minor I learned details of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system. I taught myself LEED New Construction V2.2 and passed the accreditation exam during an academic holiday in 2008.

Course List & Descriptions:

Energy of Sustainable Society
Engineering survey of renewable sources of energy from biomass, to solar and wind, to geothermal and tidal generation to storage devices such as fuel cells and smart grids.

Planning for/with Multiple Publics
City planning course regarding disparity between cultures and sub-cultures focussing solutions for more sustainable social development.

Sustainable Environments
Survey lecture course regarding various considerations regarding sustainable environments and societies, focussing on exposing problems and existing solutions.

Implementing Sustainable Principles
Group-project course where each group determines a project that would achieve a solution for a more sustainable society then develops that project.

Advanced Implementation of Sustainable Principles
Group-project independent-study course where each group further implements a project developed in EDES 408.

BRAE 348:

CRP 215:

EDES 406:

EDES 408:

EDES 410:

Classroom Posters

Children’s Book

Gardening at Women’s Shelter with residents